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Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington, or DW as the company is often abbreviated, makes watches that are both instantly universally-recognizable and sophisticated. Lately, DW has grown its own fans in Malaysia and if you haven't jumped on the DW bandwagon, you are way behind the times (no pun intended). Originally created in 2006 by Filip Tysanderm, who named the brand after a stranger he met while backpacking across Australia, the brand's unique appeal lies in its classic and timeless design. Suitable for any outfit, mood and occasion, the watch's colourful NATO and leather straps, which are interchangeable, strike a cool and contemporary feel on your wrist. What really drives this purchase home, though, is its price. You just can't find many watches of this caliber and timeless appeal in the market for less than RM600. The interchangeable straps are selling at less than RM150! So, if you're thinking of investing on a watch that tells you more than just time, this is the brand that does just that.

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