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BadLab is a personal care brand that specifically caters. They are all-new personal care range for the unconventional man. Their products range from head to toe body care as it covers hair, face and body. No "For Men" label required. Short for Brave and daring Laboratory, BadLab has "man-gineered" products that men would want to buy for themselves, instead of just using whatever is in the bathroom.

Spiritually, BadLab was founded since the creation of Adam. They want to seek new frontiers and boldly go where no other personal care for men has gone before, which is Dirty, Sexy, Filthy, Clean and Quick. They believe that the day is out there and not in the bathroom. So wash like a man and not like a girl. Energizing, revitalizing and contain healing ingredients, BadLab is man-gineered for the man who's all walk and little talk.

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